After the ISTA - SSSEX Level 1

Relax, Integrate, Play and Explore

Once we complete the ISTA SSSEX – Level 1, we will be staying at the beautiful Hotel Amarte for an all inclusive extended weekend of fun, relaxation and exploration. We will continue to have the whole Hotel Amarte to ourselves and can chose to spend the day meditating by the pool, in a hammock, at the Mayan Water Complex, or at the beach. Or you may choose to accompany the group on the planned excursions into the Maya Riviera: we will visit Mayan Temples, swim in Cenote, go shopping at local markets, hit the beach and catch a special nude Catamaran cruise and snorkeling experience. We will also have local Mayan Shamans host Cacao and Temazcal  Ceremonies for the participants. 

Rooms, Food, Excursions, and Mayan Ceremonies are all included! 

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The ISTA - RIPE Weekend is open to all ISTA Graduates, but don't miss out on the Transformative Power of Love of the ISTA - Level 1 November 15 - 21, 2019. 

ISTA – RIPE Weekend November 21 - 24, 2019


Thursday the 21st Daytime

 Level – 1 ends and we will have all day to relax and integrate the work of the past week by the pool or hammock of the lovely Hotel Amarte, or take a short trip to the the beach. 

Complimentary passes to the Mayan Water Complex will also be available for those who wish to go. For more information go to  


Opening Night Cacao Ceremony

Cacao ceremonies are a type of shamanic healing practiced by the Maya for thousands of years with the purpose of re-balancing the energies in the body to regain health. 

Cacao has been used to heal the mental, physical and spiritual body. It is a natural and ancient plant medicine, with a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and is a powerful antioxidant. Cacao also increases blood flow (oxygen and nutrients) to the brain as well as induces the release of feel-good endorphins.

Unlike other shamanic experiences, drinking cacao will not make you hallucinate or give you some sort of ‘out-of-body’ psychedelic experience. Cacao is used to gently touch your heart and to guide you into an inner journey deep into the emotional center of our body – our heart chakra. 

Watch the following video of a Cacao Ceremony featuring our Danzantes De La Luna (Dancers of the Moon) Shamans 

Danzantes De La Luna Cacao Ceremony Video

Cacao Ceremony Video (mp4)


Friday Nude Catamaran, Beach and Snorkeling Tour

  Enjoy a wonderful Nude Catamaran boat outing, an experience that will take you to delight in the breathtaking turquoise sea. You will get to snorkel in the transparent waters of two awe-inspiring coral gardens, home of colorful marine species, fly in a Spinnaker, if weather condition allows it, and enjoy a wonderful buffet lunch on a private beach.


Trip includes refreshments on the tour (Beer, soft-drinks, margaritas, etc.), snorkeling equipment, spinnaker, and lunch and drinks at the beach. 


Saturday Tulum & Cobá, Cenote & Playa Del Carmen

This tour offers a unique experience to visit TWO archaeological sites full of traditions, in addition to a beautiful cenote and the beach city of Playa Del Carmen. 

  • Arriving Tulum 10:00 – guided tour followed with an hour of free time to explore and  swim in the ocean.
  • Arriving Cobá 13:00 – Traditional buffet lunch and guided tour of the Mayan archaeological site with the opportunity to climb the tallest Mayan infrastructure of the Yucatán peninsula called Nohoch Mul.
  • Third stop: The cenote, it is a beautiful cenote where we can swim and enjoy the tranquility of this beautiful place.
  • Fourth stop: Playa Del Carmen for a period of 45 min to an hour.  You have free time to do some shopping at the stores of the famous 5th Avenue.
  • Photographer on tour for those who wish candid photos for memories and sharing. 


Temazcal Ceremony - Add On

  Temazcal (Mayan Sweat Lodge) was also known in the Mayan zone as zumpulcheé, it has been used for hundreds of years to relax and purify with the warmth and vapors of aromatic herbs, from which one is “REBORN”, thus we are the navel of mother earth. It consists of an activity in which hot stones called “abuelas”, meaning grandmothers, are splashed with water from flowers and herbs which are the medicine for the soul and body, 4 doors are drawn closed , one for each destination ( North, South etc.) It can last anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes. 

(Limited to about 25 participants so the Temazcal is a $50 add on)

More information on the Temazcal Ceremony can be found by clicking the link right below. 

Temazcal Ceremony



RIPE Weekend Nov. 21-24, 2019

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

After the ISTA - Level 1 you can join us for RIPE, and Rest, Integrate, Play and Exploration! 

RIPE is an All Inclusive Weekend! 

All Room, Food, Excursions, Tours and Mayan Cacao Ceremony are included for the whole long weekend. 

Temazcal (Mayan Sweat Lodge) Ceremony is an additional $50 Add On.