North American ISTA Tribal Gathering

North American ISTA Tribal Gathering September 6 - 9, 2018

We are super excited to invite you for an ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) Tribal Gathering to plant the Seed of Love, Power and Freedom in this land. The Gathering is open to all ISTA graduates of any level. If you have not done Level 1 yet there is an opportunity to jump in straight before the Gathering on August 31st through September 6th for the SSSEX Level 1, here at Easton Mountain Retreat.        

The Gathering is a time to connect and strengthen the ISTA community, and build links between empowered and awakened people. While there will be plenty of time for playtime and lovetime there will also be fun and sexy daily ISTA related offerings and teachings available to help participants come together in Love and Eros. Not only is it a great opportunity for deeper integration for those who are completing the SSSEX Level 1 prior to this Gathering, it is an immense opportunity to network and vision together.          


Class and Event Calendar

The Tribal Gathering is a non-for profit event so all the classes listed below are truly gifts of love, from ISTA Graduates to the ISTA Tribe. 

We have a wonderful slate of offerings fromboth Teachers and Students, beginning with a Opening Circle with Cacao Ceremony to help set our intentions for the Gathering, as we come together in Love and Eros before moving on to what is evolving into a beautiful Sacred Sexuality and Tantra type Festival. 

Click on the links below to access the class schedule and class/presenter descriptions.  Please check back often as the schedule of classes and events is due to change and there are still a few openings still available for those who wish to give back to the Tribe. 

Please Join Us In Love and Freedom

Come relax, connect and play with your tribe. Participate in the classes and offerings that you wish, or sit by the pool, the lake, hot tub or sauna. The choice is yours; follow your Bliss. 

If you would like to contribute in preparing for this event, want to help or assist, or offer sessions, workshops, music, dance during the long weekend please contact Javi Martinez at:  

The cost is only the venue fee of $325 per person, which includes room, board, refreshments and snacks 24/7 at the beautiful Easton Mountain Retreat that sits on over 175 wooded acres with hiking trails, streams and spring fed lakes for swimming and kayaking, hot tub, sauna, bonfire pit and a swimming pool.      


ISTA Tribal Gathering Registration is now closed.

I am sorry to announce that we are now at capacity, and no longer able to take any new registrations.

Its not too late to join us for a SSSEX Level 1 in Quebec Canada july 10th, 2018. Information and registration can be found at  

Can't join us in 2018? No problem.

 I am happy to announce that registration will open soon for the SSSEX Level 1, SSSIN Level 2 and a Apprentice Path and ISTA Primer workshop coming in July of 2019!  

Payment plans are available through PayPal Credit. You can apply through the Buy Now Button, and chose PayPal Credit for payment option.  

PayPal offers a no payment no interest for the first 6 months, and multiple payment options. 

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