ISTA - International School of Temple Arts

ISTA – the International School of Temple Arts is a transmission of the life force, clothed in love and expressing creatively in the world. ISTA is part of a global transformational movement where human consciousness is being opened to its source as love and harmoniously integrating with other sentient kingdoms and dimensions. In particular ISTA works with spirituality and sexuality as two expressions of the life force. Our vision is a world where humans have a peaceful, delightful, shameless, fearless and loving relationship with their own bodies, sexuality, emotions, hearts, minds and spirit.

ISTA is a modern synthesis of:
a) a spiritual transmission - a satsang of being
b) a mystery school where the Temple Arts are taught
c) a new era business and creative community who are networked together globally and sharing resources in innovative ways.

ISTA collaborates with many groups, organizations, and communities in many locations around the world. Collaborations include International Goddess Congress, OSHO Communities, Tantra, Meditation, and Yoga Schools, Mystery Schools, Madonna Ministry International, and more….

ISTA's mission in the world is the propagation of a culture of love and freedom. We work to truly integrate the different facets of what it is to be a fully functional human being. We focus on liberating the life force energy that underlies both consciousness and form alike. We work quite deeply with sexuality because this is one of the areas where that life force is collectively blocked or distorted. We also pay deep attention to new models of sharing power, which builds trust and generates synergy. 


About Javi

As a Shapeshifter, Trickster and Shaman in the Northern Tradition, Javi has transcended many barriers in her life, with the largest being transition and transformation from a man into a woman. Javi has professional training in clinical psychology and is a Graduate level Licensed Mental health Counselor (LMHC), has completed Spiritual, Shamanic and Tantric internships, and is a student with world leaders in Sacred Sexual Shamanism as a Faculty – Apprentice with the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA).

Being a priestess in Service to the Goddess as a Queer/Trans – woman, Javi offers many gifts in many forms to the world:

· Energy Healing and Shamanic Counseling

· LGBTQI Educator and Trainer

· Sex and Sensuality Educator for the Trans-Feminine and their lovers

· A bridge that connects and heals all within the spectrum of Gender through understanding and compassion

· Founder of Heavy Metal Tantra, a unique blend of Erotic Music Meditation and Shadow Work 

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